GTA NEWS // September 17, 2017

Facebook Canada Live Event In Toronto

We are absolutely thrilled to have been invited to the Facebook Canada live event in Toronto. GTA Wedding Marketplace was one of only three Facebook groups invited to the event and it was magic. A big thanks to Facebook Canada for including us!

GTA NEWS // September 1, 2017

Vendor Guest Post: Christine Grace Photography

GTA NEWS // August 16, 2017

Wedding Coordinator Versus Venue Coordinator

When I chat to brides about their wedding and I ask if they are looking for a wedding coordinator and I sometimes get the reply “no my venue has a coordinator.” At this point I cringe internally. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing venue coord...

GTA NEWS // May 26, 2017

What Is A Chuppah

The chuppah has hit the mainstream. If you don’t know what a Chuppah is, it can best be described as a wedding canopy - and it’s a hot item for so many reasons. Everyone one wants a stunning showpiece to get married under. This is where the most impo...

GTA NEWS // May 7, 2017

Choosing The Right Ceremony

Set The Mood! Your wedding day will be full of love and romance. Choose music filled with these emotions,with all of those magical things you’ll be feeling as you walk down the aisle to your future husband or wife!