Cake Trends For 2019 // February, 2019


The wedding cake has evolved immensely over the years. The classic simple, white cake that was common in the past is increasingly rare nowadays, as today’s couples are more open to new shapes, colours and textures. New trends like metallic, ruffled, painted and naked are taking over as the most requested cake styles, making the wedding cake, more than ever before, an integral showpiece of the reception. Ready to be inspired?


Rose, bronze, silver or copper are just a few types of metallic hues that are making their way to the dessert table this year. Whether it’s a hint or the full coverage – you cannot go wrong with adding a little metal to your cake.


Ruffles aren’t just for dresses anymore! Add a few thin rows for a hint of romance or make them big and bold for a more modern look – either way, adding this textured element to your cake will add dimension and interest to your cake.


This trend has been around a while but has no signs of going anywhere. Couples are opting to serve a pared down creation to allow the texture of the actual cake and the filling be center stage.


Customise your cake by adding a hand-painted illustration, scripted quote or an abstract artwork. There are countless beautiful ways to make an artistic statement with your cake.