What I love most about GTA Weddings is that is a channel for smaller businesses to reach out and communicate to brides - something that can often be difficult to do when you are competing with larger, more established companies. With GTA Weddings all posts are the same regardless of how much money your company has (ie. You can’t upgrade your post or have the ability to pay to have your post moved to the top). I feel like it “evens the playing field” and makes smaller business feel like the have better opportunities to grow and gain more business.

I also like that, because it’s primarily brides posting for vendors or recommendations, you know you’re replying to someone who is interested in booking (rather than just seeking out pricing) so the transactions happen much quicker than when brides email a bunch of vendors privately to ask about services - Adriana Storto

Lead Makeup & Hair Artist


I joined the GTA Wedding Inc community a little over a year ago and it has helped me tremendously! I have been able to connect with other wedding vendors in Toronto that I wouldn't have been able to meet if it wasn't for this group. I've made new friends with other vendors and new connections as well. I started doing styled shoots this year and it's all thanks to the GTA wedding community because I am able to respond to other vendors through their posts. This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for this group. I have gained more exposure for my business because of this and I feel as if my business brand has definitely changed and upgraded because of these new exposure.

Melody Yuen Cake Artist


Timeless Wedding Films loves being about of the GTAM FB community because it is literally the largest and biggest community for everything wedding related in the GTA. Our team started from the bottom, where we had to learn the hard way through all the mistakes we made as a beginner in this industry. It has been a long and tough journey, but we’re slowly moving forward each and everyday towards where we want to be. This community is central and essential for our wedding journey, as we can share, learn and see the whole industry from the bottom up! We know the owners of GTAWM had a long and rough journey too, but here they are, still growing, and showing how triumphant you are at the top – we love and embrace this fact; and wish to someday grow as much in the film/photo industry, as much as GTAWM has grown in the FB community game. You guys have grown to the point where you are able to help hundreds and thousands of people weekly, and that in of itself is just too epic.

Thanks for growing it to where it is today guys; A lot of people probably don’t realize how much work was put into it so they had such an easy place that provided free marketing for vendors for so long. Only those who know the grind can appreciate what your community’s really done from the beginning till now for everyone!

Tommy Nguyen, Owner of Timeless Wedding Films


I enjoy this community because it is ethical and well managed. The rules are regulated and enforced, creating a great environment for brides/grooms to connect with great vendors making this group the best wedding related group on Facebook, and one of the best resources for those with upcoming weddings.



Here’s why I LOVE this group:

  1. It’s been invaluable to me. As a new business starting out this past July, this group has brought me probably majority of my leads. Without this community, I would have to grind even harder on social media, attend more tradeshows, spend more money on advertising, etc. to get my brand and services out there. As a new business and being on maternity leave from my full-time sales & marketing job, my marketing budget is not much, so it’s truly been a financial lifesaver for me thus far.
  2. I love reading posts from other people needing advice and as a certified wedding and event planner and stylist (I wear many hats!) and a newly-wed, I enjoy being able to give advice and recommendations. Having dealt with many other great vendors, I’m happy to be able to refer them to other brides and sort of “pay it forward”.
  3. There’s a genuine sense of community here. It’s wonderful to be included in a platform that encourages interaction on a daily basis and not having to wait or feel like I need to attend as many in-person events or meetings as possible to be able to network.
  4. Again, as a planner, this group has been a huge resource for me. I’ve discovered so many other wonderful vendors to follow on social media and “keep in my back pocket” should a client be looking for a vendor/service that I can’t provide.

Tascha Bedioui


I love being a part of the GTA Wedding community because of the connections that have been made here. It's a tough business, especially one where one is self-employed, and it's nice to be able to be supported as well as support others who are also just trying to do something worthwhile and that is a passion. There is a lot of generosity that has been shown among people in this community and I think it helps to beget more generosity. I would love the opportunity to continue to grow my business with the help of this vibrant community and in turn, show that I too, am here to give back where I can.

Min-Hi Choi, Auspicious Melody


3 favourite reasons why GTA is the best

  1. This is not just a business page but a family- we all support one another ! And there are not many groups out there like GTA Wedding Marketplace!
  2. DEE. IS. LIFE (even though she scares me... in a good way - Sabrina) she encourages us to never give up and keeps pushing us to be the best we can be. She supports not only us but every single vendor on her page!
  3. EVERYONE IS EQUAL AND TREATED FAIRLY! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram or likes on Facebook GTA to us is a community with positive energy, good vibes and great people ! We are so lucky to be apart of this amazing group you created!

ASH Photography Services


What I love about being part of the community is the structure of how this community was built and continue to build. The GTA Wedding Inc Team does such an amazing job aside from their normal day to day lives to ensure there is proper synergy between individuals and vendors.

I also love that I've met so many great couples and other vendors that I've worked with in the past thanks to the community. In this industry, some people see it as a dog eat dog world but we actually elevate and highlight each other in the group.

Thanks to you guys, this community adds so much value to couples/brides and even us vendors get insight, inspiration, collaboration, and relationships. We wouldn't get this in any other group or websites.

Thank you to the team for doing all that you do in the past, present, and future.

Eddie Cristobal


It’s a privilege being part of the GTA Wedding Marketplace community for entrepreneurs and clients, providing them with opportunity for better pricing and more professionalism.

We at BlacklightExposure appreciate our moderators for doing their diligence and keeping our thriving multicultural community respectable, honest and inclusive. We feel encouraged and inspired by the vendors, clients and moderators demeanour. Many people have benefited from GTAWM and would be grateful if you gave us the opportunity to become more planted to serve our community better in 2019!

At GTA Wedding Marketplace there is no shortage of great people. Thank you!