I joined the wedding group by referral through a friend that was getting married. Up until then I wasn’t a part of any vendor sort of groups like this. I figured I would give it a shot and see where it takes me and what kind of an audience it would have.

Since joining GTA wedding marketplace I have gained a new kind of confidence in my business. I’ve really started drilling down on what I want and what style of vendor I would like to be. I’ve learned through many posts from brides and wedding party guests what people are looking for, budgets, and even some new visions. I’ve seen how other businesses interact with clients and even learned more about what clients respond and don't respond to.

Another one of my favourite things about being a part of this group is the exclusively vendors group. This group has been amazing and a real way to connect with other professionals. Because of that I’ve been able to participate in styled shoots (which has always been a goal of mine) and really push myself to make more of a name for myself. I’ve gained relationships with vendors I wouldn’t have otherwise met not being a part of the group, and I truly believe I’ve made lasting friendships with some great people.

Seeing you guys were hosting a wedding show was enticing to me. It was a goal of mine to be a part of one at some point in my cake life but I never really had the confidence. After having positive responses and interactions with people in the group and having the support of the admin and Dee I decided to bite the bullet and put my name in to participate. This was one of the scariest and under-pressure times for my business. It really helped me to push myself to get my re-branded name out there. I worked with some amazing people to get myself ready for the show, spent a pretty penny prepping myself, my work and my advertising and I was so excited.

For about 2 weeks and up to 2 days before the show I was a complete disaster. I’m never one to get sick, even my husband says he’s only seen me sick once since he met me and of course the worst I’ve been was leading up to the show. I was a wreck, my website wasn’t where I wanted it to be, my new business cards came in wrong - 3 times! I couldn’t start my showpieces, I had no voice and I honestly considered giving up. If it wasn’t for my husbands extra push, one of my new friends from the vendors only group and my belief in the site, admin and group I think I really would have backed out and I’m no quitter. I got my butt into gear, toughed through the sickness and i got it done! The show was amazing it was wonderful to meet so many different people, vendors and admin, Dee included and put faces to names. It was an exhausting day but I’m so glad I did it.

I tend to not shut up when it comes to writing LOL but honestly this group has changed my confidence in my business. I really love being a part of a group that connects me in so many ways with different people from Clients to vendors and has really pushed me to take my business to a different level. I can’t wait to showcase my new website that I have someone i even met in the vendor group working on right now.

Thanks for creating this group and amazing platform for businesses large and small to be able to grow in and have the best support system and such well managed admin!

Lots of love,