Moments in Light

Moments in Light

We are not just photographers, but Visual Storyteller that captures the images at their rawest and most organic, which includes all those Moments of truth, all the tears and joy. 

The vision of our work is to tell the story about you, and your love ones on your dream day. A lot of our couple’s come to us because they appreciate our abilities bring out the great beauty and artistry from your wedding celebration. 

We move swiftly within your wedding so that you can focus on your event. We are a team of skillful yet enjoyable photographers that understands how stressful weddings can be, so let us take that pressure from you and enjoy the ride. We love to hear from how you lovebirds met to how perfect his proposal was! 

We love to know you and to work along you to recreate the images of symphony that best represent your love for each other. 

We have been to…many countries, and destination weddings are no strangers! To date, we have travelled the world with our couples. (Greece, Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Domnican Republic, Jamaica, Cancun, Aruba, etc)

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