Rustic Silo Barn

Rustic Silo Barn

Hi there, welcome to Dream Party Planners co-owners and site managers of Rustic Silo Barn Wedding Venue.

We are very excited to announce the opening of Rustic Silo Barn. A beautiful newly renovated barn in located in Innisfil Ontario.

Our authentic heritage barn with over 150-year-old history on 100-acre property is an amazing place for you to enjoy your wedding. 

The upper level has a large, beautiful balcony where your guests will gaze at entire reception from above. 

The lower level has 12x12ft sliding gates that open as a beautiful lookout. The barn also includes a bridal suit for you to prepare for your big day, it is located in a newly renovated century home on the property.

The décor of the barn is unique, it has black wood railing accents, twinkle lights, white drapery, large wooden floral hanging fixtures, a rustic horse wagon displayed on the upper loft, and a massive three-tiered floral chandelier that was hand made by our lead wedding planning stylist. 

These unique décor features create that ambiance of elegance that you have imagined for your wedding day. 

My name is Shannon, and alongside me is my partner James. We specialize in wedding planning, coordinating & design. We have artistic and interior design backgrounds and utilize our creative skills to custom style each wedding to display it's unique story!

As experienced wedding planners we knew how unique and picturesque Rustic Silo Barn could be. 

It is the perfect mix of rustic and trendy elegance! 

My team and I designed it in a way to enjoy a beautiful, memorable experience for any bride & groom. We also provide full planning packages and on site co-ordinating. 


We are very excited to host your very special day! 

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