Five Reasons We Love Elopements // July, 2019

Credit: Jenifer Boyce Photography

(Photo by Jenifer Boyce Photography

Given how the world has changed in the past few months, many couples are rescheduling their weddings to next year in hopes that this pandemic will be over. But now that our province is reopening and allowing larger gatherings, others are choosing to downsize their big wedding to an intimate elopement that adheres to the current guidelines, and we love that! Here's why:

  • Having an intimate elopement eliminates what I like to call “wedding politics”. There's no more guilt causing you to invite your parents' colleagues and neighbours, or that random cousin you're worried will feel left out, because you now have the excuse that you're only allowed a small number of people! Blame the pandemic! Have the wedding you truly wanted with just your closest family and friends. You can always send some photos and video to the ones who couldn't make it.

(Photo by Jenifer Boyce Photography

  • It is SO much less expensive! Cut out the costs of a giant venue, food for hundreds of people, so many centrepieces you've lost count, and countless other things you really don't need to marry the love of your life. Use only a fraction of your original budget and use the rest as a down payment on a new home, or on a fun little honeymoon.
  • Get married! I can't imagine how hard it must be to wait a year or more to get married only to push it out another year. Scaling down your wedding to an intimate elopement means you don't have to wait any longer... you can get married NOW, and throw a big party next year on your anniversary if you still want to celebrate with everyone!
  • You can elope ANYWHERE. No more calculating travel for dozens of guests! Get married on a mountain, on the beach, in your backyard, or literally anywhere you want without worrying about how tons of people would have been able to get there.
  • You get to spend so much more time with the person you are marrying! I see so many couples go their whole wedding day with hardly any interaction with each other because they're trying to get to each of their hundreds of guests. If you elope, you can spend all darn day with the love of your life and share intimate moments that you may never have had with a big wedding.

(Photo by Light Visuals Co.

If these reasons resonate with you and your fiancé(e), think about planning your own intimate elopement instead of waiting a whole year to marry your best friend. <3