Board game centrepieces

My wedding was a few months ago now and I really loved our centerpieces! We did board game centerpieces, but each table was a different game, and everything was made/customized by me!

We had:

Guess Who I made avatars/cartoons of all our wedding party, parents, and pets in place of the typical characters.

Connect 4 customized with our names and wedding date.

Love Letter We used the original game design and tweaked the names of characters and artwork to be more "wedding" centric, and I even customized a lazy susan with our initials and wedding date.

Cards About Matrimony a marriage/wedding-ized version of Cards Against Humanity

Hungry Hungry Hippos painted to match our wedding colours

Donkey Kong Yahtzee to match our "gaming theme"

Jenga painted to match our wedding colours

Rockem Sockem Robots they were suppose to be dressed as a bride and groom, but the doll clothes arrived too late

And Kerplunk with custom name and date decal I was so thrilled with how they all turned out and was happy I at least got to keep a FEW of them. Most went home with guests who had to beat everyone at their table to be able to take them home.